MKM Import is an importer and distributor of dietary supplements in Poland.  It was established in 2012 to meet the nutritional and health needs of individuals who demand quality products of the highest purity.

The brands we offer guarantee high quality products.  They achieve this do to strict guideline implementation at every stage of production and the use of verified raw materials form proven sources. We do not offer you anything we would not buy ourselves.

Our objective is to supply the highest quality products available to the Polish market.

Allergies, food intolerance, intestinal diseases, coeliac syndrome, and autism

are becoming a common part of our life. With the development of such diseases, there is a growing demand for supplementing vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients, which cannot be fulfilled in a traditional, generally available diet.

We are constantly exposed to nutritional products that can harm us. Therefore, we should be very sensitive to the quality of the products we use.

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